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6/8/05 - A work/sewing room
A sewing room? What the crap?
Oh that wacky RVM, he just doesn't stop.
Sorry about the comicless week guys (it seems like I'm appoligising all the time lately), but my photoshop refused to work correctly. Thus I was completely helpless until I could figure out the problem. On the upside, last night I watched two episodes of Highlander that had Scott McNeil in them. He died in both, but was still awesome.

5/27/05 - Anesthesia
Fun with medical terms.
I'll admit, though it's one of two kind of late comics, this one was fun to do and to think up.
Sorry for the late comics guys. This week has been pretty darn busy for me. I've also decided until life slows down a little, I'll be doing two comics a week. Yeah, it sucks, but I'm sure the 20 or so of my loyal fans wills stick with me.
Also, this weekend marks the fifth of my kings island trip. Man, five years of annual road trips. Awesome.
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